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tv   News 13 at Noon  ABC  January 11, 2016 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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when we arrived on the scene around 4:30, a plume of smoke could be seen above the house where fire crews were called around 3:30 this morning. i spoke with the homeowners who say they and their four sons made it out. they credit working alarms for helping them. fire crews say this fire is a testament of how smoke alarms can help save lives. >> it is important top a working you. most will burn in the nighttime hours when everybody is asleep. you have to get away to get out. >> the family tells me they have lived here 16 years and worry about the damage to their home but they are very thankful no one was hurt. units from six different fire fire departments help to put out the blame. we have yet to learn the total damage to the home. the firefighters out here this
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extremely cold conditions. coming up at 12:30, we'll tell their efforts. >> speaking of the weather, we single digits. how warm will it get? >> we'll stay in the 30's. it is 26 degrees, cold enough to be blowing snow in cat actionluchi. the skycam network, you can see clear skies out there. the windchill is 19 degrees. if y y are heading out for a meeting or a lunch break. make sure you have the winter coat. into the upstate, it is better. we are in the upper 30's to the 40's. looking at the rest of the day, 32 degrees. late afternoon, 38. dropping to the 30's for dinner time. the headlines will remain windy and cold. soon enough, snow will return to the forecast.
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seven-day and show you the entire week ahead. >> in other news making headlines. as you have probably heard by now, music legend david bowie passed away after patle with cancer. stephanie takes a look at the live of a legend. >> david bowie was introduced to the world of glam rock in the '70s. for decades the english singer entertained audiences around the world. today fans are mourning the music legend. bowie died at the age of 69 after an 18 month long battle with cancer just days after he released a new album called rock star on his birthday. the entertainment legend hits include let's dance, space
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in 191996, bowie was inducted into the hall of fame. let's dance followed by american tour, the rock sound in changes gave way to the disco soul of young americans cowritten with john lennon. he wasn't eccentric with just his music, he had a striking androgenous look. however, more recently he kept a low profile after reportedly suffering a heart attack. he leaves behind his wife of more than 20 years supermodel iman and two children. bowie will be remembered by his fans as the driving force in pop culture. >> singer natalie cole will be laid to rest in los angeles. various music industry stars are expected to attend the funeral service at a church of god and christ.
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cole says new year's eve of heart failure was 65. >> mexico has begun the process of extraditing joaquin chapo to the united states. it comes days after the fugitive was recaptured features movie stars and bloody shootouts. officials warn the process take a long time as they file appeals to keep their client in mexexico where he has escaped from maximum security prisons. on sunday, agents notified guzman he was wanted in the united states. >> jury selection begins for the trial of a second baltimore officer charged in the death of frfrdy gray. officers caesar goodson drove the van that carried gray from the site of his arrest. gray was critically hurt and unresponsive after that the ride and died days later. he was charminged with second degree depraved murder. jury selection is expected to take two days.
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out between a large group of worshippers in a california temple and police had to come break it up. officials say a day of prayer was interrupted with punching and shoving and even some swinging their religious swords. at one point, police moved in with tasers to calm the crowd. worshippers say different factions have been fighting for power for years trying to win decision. >> the violent brawl could have been deadlyytoday. that's extremism. i'm worried because it portrays a negative connotation about religious. >> a few i'm involved in the sword fight received cuts and bruises. so far there have been no arrests. >> a suspected arson attack, the office located in jerusalem has extensive damagedamage. the police interrogation is ongoing.
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worker who got trapped in a hull 14 feet deep.deep. s still unclear how he got unstuck. researchers managed to pull him out two hours later. witnesses say he was conscious and talking to rescuers. the worker was taken to the hospital for observation. >> blue bell ice cream face another problem with listeria. the company says that pack tier ya was recently found in one of its production plants but not in any of its products. company officials say they are testing every batch of ice cream produced for that bacteria. blue bell recalled its entire product line after listeria was found on ice cream containers. the company is under federal investigation for its handling of that contamination. >> turning now to vote 2016, plplned parenthood endorses hillary clinton.
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has endorsed someone in a presidential primary. >> we need a women's health champion in the white house. >> clinton said electing a president could lead to limiting access to birth control. planned parenthood has planned to spend $20 million in the election cycle? the president will give his final state of the union to congress and the nation. amazon won't stream that address live but the white house and the online retailer have struck a deal to put itt on amazon's online video site for free. the speech should be available to all customers starting wednesday through the end of the week. >> struggling to get your toddler on a regular bedtime there is help. some ways to get your little one to consistently go to sleep. >> in the business report, the customers. the unlimited data plan and how
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our news 13 mobile app keeps you are. your local news weather and
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real time traffic updates. >> establishing a good time routine for toddler sets a precedent for future health. topping today's health headlines, holly shows us there are ways to help your little one get a good night's sleep. >> toddlers learning to sleep well is really important because it is a platform for their overall health. we all need to have our bodies and our minds rest at night so
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and be ready for the next day of activities. >> between talking, playing and learning, toddlers are very active, getting them to slow down at bedtime can be a real challenge. pediatricians advise parents to remember the four b's when it comes to a bedtime routine. >> routines are really important. starting with bathing and having that bath time that allows them to settle down and then establishing their teeth. they start to think path and brushing. then story time. it is important to have a nice calming activity like reading a book together.together. >> playing a lullaby or soft music can help. for children older than 12 months a special blanket or a toy can help. >> these are behavior modification techniques we are talking about. none of them work overnight.
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is a course they are ready for and they have to be consistent and make sure they are ready for the long haul. >> a volcano shakes an ilapped of hawaii. >> way up in mount mitchell, you can see there is still light dusting of snow, very cold conditions. the news 13 skycam network. in asheville, still barely below freezing. the wind makes it feel colder. coming up after the break, we'll
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>> welcome back. happy monday afternoon. wow, to start the day, it was frigid across the region and is still pretty darn cold. 31 in south asheville. just some high thin clouds. that's about it.
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trees moving around. it makes it that much colder. news 13 skycam network. look at these folks enjoying the sunshine. 26 degrees on our lester carpet sales skycam network. a lot of folks starting off the work week on a sunday. for the rest of us, seeing clouds indicated by the gray and the light white, you can see pulling through western north carolina. the majority of the clouds will break up throughout the day and have mostly sunny skies across the region. we have not picked up any precip yet. today we'll likely have a chance later on this week and maybe into the weekend. it could come in the form of some snow. temperatures, we are 18 degrees. chilly conditions. that is not the windchill. it felt like the single digits in the asheville area. let's take a look outside your door. 28 in burnsville and 10 degrees warmer in morganton.
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but we are below freezing in asheville. 20's in our western zones. 40's further south into greenville, spartanburg and anderson. 41 in greenwood. 46 this morning, every number on this map was below freezing. some folks further south are starting to warm up. in asheville, the wind is making it feel cold, 13-mile-an-hour winds. in boon, 16. five in morganton and calmer conditions further south into the upstate, take a closer look at the windchill in asheville. you step outside, it feels like 21 degrees. heading out, you still need the gloves and maybe a hat and a scarf. the upstate feels like 40 degrees. we have changes taking shapement for today, clear skies with high pressure dominating our forecast. then tomorrow as early as tomorrow afternoon, we see the next system pushing in with a
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colder weather and light snowfall. we could see a 20% chance of flurries into the valleys. this afternoon, enjoy this beautiful sunshine. it looks warm outside. when you look at temperatures how cold it is. throughout the day, we might see a few clouds into tonight. tomorrow morning, starting off cold. overnight. i'll stop it here, this is 3:00, this is when kids will be getting out of school. temperatures will be dropping. watch as the snow begins to fall. in the same zones we typically see, the tennessee border counties into the northern portions of buncombe county. that's 5:00. that means drive time for a lot of folks getting off of work. et could be dicey with those flurries down into the valleys as well. then the next day, a lot of that sticking around because it will be incredibly cold. similar to today, looking at wind gusting up to 20 miles an
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tonight, 22 degrees. in greenville today, middle to upper 40's expected. tonight, below freezing with a few clouds. seven-day forecast, does show tomorrow will be very breezy. the majority of the day will be clear. it is late day we'll see a chance for snow showers to two as temperatures drop back down to the teens overnight. very cold wednesday in the 30's. another chance for wintry weather will be saturday and sunday. all liquid precip in the upstate. >> good news for drivers in almost every state.
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highest and lowest prices for
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territory for midday trading, let's get you to the boards. the nasdaq was up two points at 4646. prices are still falling at the bump and they are the lowest years. the lundberg survey says regular unleaded dropped a penny over the last three weeks and stands at $2.05. the current price was 15 cents a gallon. highest prices can be found at the pumps in los angeles at $3.01. the lowest was in st. louis at $1.64. on the eve of the detroit auto show. it comes ahead of a meeting with the epa administrators this wednesday where he will offer solutions on how to fix diesel engines that cheat on emissions tests. about 600,000 volkswagens have
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>> uber offers discounts to drives starting this weekend. january is a show time of the month that finds many people staying inside, meaning fewer trips and less income for uber drivers. in order to boost demand, customers in about 100 u.s. and canadian cities will find their rides discounted beginning saturday, giving them more reason to get out of the house. unlimited data cell phone plans on hair way back. at&t is experimenting with offering unlimited data plans to mart phone customers while promoting its direct tv service. cell phones would apply if you also get direct tv or at&t home tv service. the deal may be cheaper than at&t's limited data plan if you have a family that watches a lot of video. >> thousands of scantily clad passengers ride.
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construction in the candler >> along with crowds in about 60 cities. >> yesterday's no pants annual subway ride began in 2002. it is coordinated by improv everywhere. >> ar tis pants were assigned personal numbers and told to show up at central gathering spots. they boarded subways tearing their pants off. entire families took part, including babies. they stripped down to their diapers. riders appeared in atlanta, elsewhere. >> it is superpopular. everyone has fun with it. >> you wonder about what kind of underwear you'll wear. >> you look add temperatures and
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>> we have a problem around the fire scene itself. >> crews pat ld bitter temperatures to put out a house fire in asheville. in our next half-hour, lauren is live from the scene with a look at how they coped with conditions. >> also coming up, the so-called
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>> it is one minute before 12:30 on this monday afternoon. this is from our camera on top of the hotel indigo, pointing down towards the jeff bowen bridge. it doesn't look like there are too many cars out there. a nice clear view. you know holly, it is cold outside. >> it is very deceiving. you see the sun shining. you say what a great day to take a walk. >> it is pretty windy. colder. let's take a look at the black mountains, it is 3700 feet, 23 degrees in this location. we are not seeing any more of the light snow, maybe at the tiptop of the mountain you can see a light dusting still. our news 13 skycam networknetwork. likely we'll stay in the 30's for a lot of locations, lucky in the low 40's.
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